The Players

Rose Sinéad O'Rourc

Actress, Singer, Dancer
Malibu, California, USA
Rose started as model and actress at age 10. Her credits include numerous movies for Disney studios, independent productions, and commercials. She has released two pop albums and numerous singles that have gone "platinum," and is working on a third album. She is the oldest child of Rosemary and Seán O'Rourc. Follow Rose on Facebook and Myspace under "RoseORourc".

Peter Dennis Fox
Real Estate Agent
Berlin, Germany
Peter sells real estate in the German capital of Berlin. Little else is known about him. He is rumored to have ties to shady characters.

Patricia "Trish" Annapapas
Personal Assistant
Los Angeles, California, USA
Trish is a veteran executive secretary, personal assistant, and woman-for-everything. Currently Rose's personal assistant.

Alice Róisín O'Rourc
Model, Actress
Malibu, California, USA
Alice is Rose's little sister, best friend, and a budding model and actress in her own right.

Melody Jones
Los Angeles, California, USA
Very well connected in the entertainment business, she is Rose's current publicist and manages her media appearances.