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Vote for Cover Blurb

posted Jun 30, 2011, 12:29 AM by Rose O'Rourc   [ updated Jun 30, 2011, 8:22 AM ]
We need a good summary, or blurb, for the back of the book jacket. Yes, that is really what it is called in the publishing industry. Hey, the cover is called the "dust jacket." So, stop laughing and start reading. Those of you who don't know the book, consider the blurb that most appeals to you and makes you want to read the book. Those of you who do know the book, also consider which one best represents the content without giving away too much details. If the creative spirit hits you, feel free to post your own summary. To make it super-convenient again, you can respond via Google Groups, Facebook, Twitter, or MeinVZ. If you absolutely, positively don't like social networks, there is always the e-mail contact form under "Author Contact."

As a child star, she had it all: fame, fortune, fun. Then she met alcohol, and the downward spiral begun. Then she met Peter, and it was love-at-first-sight. She could not know that he was already borderline suicidal and had blood on his hands. Will the delight of dopamine substitution therapy save the relationship, or will the stress of the music tour destroy it? Can love conquer all and rescue Rose?

The story of Rose O'Rourc: A symphony of word and music in three movements.

  Fun          Drugs
      Fortune                        Dependency
   Fame                                                 Death
A tragic path traveled by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Romy Schneider. Now beautiful, young star Rose O'Rourc followed in their footsteps. Enter Peter, a mild-mannered, maniacal, Mozart-wannabe. Beauty and Nobody. An unlikely pairing, yet, Peter was determined to succeed where greater men had failed before, with crazy ideas like dopamine substitution therapy and the Foxy Fillers. A terrible secret in his past, however, hung like a shadow over the budding relationship. Can love conquer all and save them?

The story of Rose O'Rourc: A symphony of word and music in three movements.

Take one part beautiful, young star, two parts alcohol, three paparazzi, and lots of insatiable media culture. Mix together and shake well. Add an adoring nobody with a terrible secret. Season to taste with an independent movie production, a music tour, and some dopamine substitution therapy. Cook lovingly on low flame while carefully watching that the unstable cocktail does not explode violently.

The recipe of Rose O'Rourc: A symphony of word and music in three parts.