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Angeleyes Reading

posted Jul 12, 2011, 3:48 AM by Rose O'Rourc   [ updated Jul 12, 2011, 4:41 AM ]
Wolf read Angeleyes at the Autorenforum Berlin. Went well. Responses were mixed, as could be expected from the most difficult to take and understand chapter exploring Peter's inner workings. Some thought all that inner reflection and lack of action boring and the style with its many repetitions nerving. Well, that is Peter for you. He does talk that way. Maybe Wolf could have painted a more flattering picture, but Peter can be quite nerving when he is down. I know.

Conversely, many, all female, found the chapter engaging and not at all boring. A psychologist even suggested adding more depth and details. Some nailed Peter's psychological state in words I could not have said better, although, I'm not sure what "Hamlet fixation" actually means. It sounds cool, though, doesn't it? I am getting jealous of Natasha, however. He has to get over his fixation on her. We'll need to talk about this. When the time is right.

Oh, one woman like totally misunderstood "dopamine substitution therapy." We are not trying to replace dopamine, which, as she pointed out, you can't. Can't think of a better name, though. Really, "Alcohol-Nicotine-Drugs-substitution-therapy" sounds stupid, right? Hm, maybe if we called it "Alnidru ..."